Announcement on Opening BTC-TRX LP Mining Pool on SUN

2 min readOct 5, 2020


As of today a total of 1000 TRON-based BTC has been issued on the TRON network, whose total market cap surpassed $10,692,382. It has also entered the JUSTSWAP whitelist on October 5, 2020 (HKT). Under the proposal of the community, a 14-day 1x BTC-TRX LP mining will be initiated starting from October 5, 2020 (HKT).

This would be represented as follows:

About TRC20-BTC:

Issued by JUST Foundation, TRC20-BTC is another masterpiece of TRON-based crypto asset following the miracle of TRC20-USDT whose total supply has exceeded over 4 billion. All BTC holders may issue TRC20-BTC. Now Poloniex ( accepts TRC20-BTC swap, and its contract has been audited by a third-party code auditing firm named SLOW MIST. All major exchanges are welcome to contact JUST to accept TRC20-BTC.

Token name: Bitcoin (BTC)


About LP Liquidity Mining:

Liquidity mining refers to the process where users deposit or lend designated token assets as per the requirement in a mining-featured DeFi product to provide liquidity to the fund pool in order to earn revenue.The revenue earned may be in the form of the project’s in-house token or the right of governance it represents.

In a narrow sense, liquidity mining injects liquidity into various projects; more broadly from the decentralization perspective, it effectively connects the isolated islands of value, facilitates value exchange and ultimately fuels value discovery.In liquidity mining, miners are serving both as an LP (liquidity provider) and an Oracle.

Tutorial on LP mining:

SUN official website:

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