JUST Community Campaign —Join JUST telegram group to share a total of 65,000 JST


To celebrate 100 days of JUST, we are launching a 65,000 JST Telegram Giveaway!

Starting from today, July 3rd 2020, and ongoing for two whole weeks! How to win?

  1. As soon as the campaign is live, the first 400 participants to complete the tasks given by our JUST Telegram bot will win from a 25,000 $JST prize pool.
  2. The first 100 participants to invite friends to join this campaign will win from a 40,000 $JST prize pool, with their winnings in accordance with the number of their successfully referred friends.


Campaign 1: Join Telegram group to share the prize of 25,000 JST

The first 400 users who join JUST English Telegram group, chat with the bot and complete all instructions after the campaign starts can share the prize pool of 25,000 JST.

Campaign 2: Invite friends to earn points and share 40,000 JST

Share the referral link provided by the bot with your friends and invite them for the campaign. The top 100 inviters can share the prize pool of 40,000 JST based on the number of friends the user invites out of the total new users invited.

To participate: chat with the robot (t.me/jstrobot) and follow the steps below:

Step 1: join JUST Telegram group: https://t.me/just_defi;

Step 2: follow JUST Twitter account: https://twitter.com/DeFi_JUST;

Step 3: follow Justin Sun Twitter account: ttps://twitter.com/justinsuntron;

Step 4: provide your TRX address to receive JST;

Step 5: copy the referral link provided by the bot and share it with your friends. You can earn points once your friends click on BOT link and complete instructions;


  1. Group members who exit the group and re-enter will be disqualified from winning any rewards.
  2. New users who exit the Telegram group after joining it or unfollow us on other social media platforms will be disqualified from winning any rewards.
  3. Chat with the bot and follow instructions to get your special invitation link through which you can invite your friends to the group.
  4. Invitation is deemed successful as long as the friend you invite completes the first campaign.
  5. To receive rewards, users need to send their TRX address to the bot.
  6. To receive reward 2, users need to share the invitation link provided by the bot.

Terms and Conditions


  1. Anyone who is found using multiple fake accounts to take part in the campaign will be immediately disqualified from any reward and his/her Telegram and Twitter accounts will be permanently blocked and banned from participating in any JUST-held prize-winning event;
  2. Campaign 1 and 2 is open to both existing and new users. Those who exit the group and re-enter will be disqualified from winning any rewards;
  3. Each user is allowed to use one Telegram account and one Twitter account respectively;
  4. Participants of the campaign must provide a valid TRX receiving address. JST rewards will be sent to the addresses provided by participants after the campaign ends;
  5. JUST reserves the right to disqualify any user who is known or suspected to have cheated or violated the rules;
  6. All rewards will be distributed within 14 days after the campaign ends;
  7. If you would like to participate in the campaign or have any question, feel free to join the JUST English Telegram group at https://t.me/just_defi
  8. JUST reserves the final right to interpret the rules of this campaign.




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