Key Numbers for the June 20th JST Airdrop

Dear all,

The JST airdrop on June 20th has been finished. Below are some key numbers you may find useful.

1.Snapshot Height — As planned the snapshot was taken on 12:00:00 AM on June 20th, 2020 UTC. The block #20781769 was produced exactly at this time with the timestamp 1592611200000.

2. Airdrop ratio — At the time of the snapshot, the total amount of TRX is
101484215321.51247. Thus the final airdrop ratio is TRX/JST=5125.465420278408.

3.TRX Threshold — Only accounts with at least 100 TRX received the airdrop this time.

4.Address — The address for JST airdrop is TTfbChnkKK9e4gQKvQ1Nrop2PvmXGfRqhk. It is exclusively for this airdrop. The address will not be used for next airdrop nor will it serve any other purposes.

If you have any questions, please join the official JUST telegram group and reach out to an admin. Thanks for your support!

JST Airdrop Team

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