Notice on SUN Genesis Mining

  1. We have not released any official mining tutorial so far. Please follow our official news;
  2. Please do not make transfers to the contract address directly on any exchange, in case the SUN you mined cannot be withdrawn;
  3. SUN token is yet to be issued; any token on the market now that claims to be SUN is fraudulent;
  4. Please closely follow SUN.Market for more updates. The contract address will be announced on our official website;
  5. Please use the contract address provided in TRON’s official channels. Fraudsters may take advantage of this opportunity and post their own wallet address, claiming it as the contract address. Please take caution to avoid asset loss.
  6. TRON’s official Telegram support accounts TRX Whales Telegram: @TRON_EN
    TRON Foundation Official Telegram: @TRONkevin
    BitTorrent Telegram: @TRON_EN



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