Official Launch of the Testnet of Sun Network: TRON’s Global Side Chain Network Advancing Rapidly

4 min readJun 11, 2019

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Early June, 2019 (SGT), TRON, one of the world’s largest public chain platforms, officially launched the testnet of its side chain solution, the Sun Network. The Sun Network is a scaling solution built to further develop the TRON ecosystem, incorporating a series of scaling projects such as DAppChain and cross-chain communications. Among the projects, DAppChain is a side chain scaling project designed for TRON’s smart contracts, which aims to enable DApps to run with extremely low Energy consumption, high security, high efficiency through customized methods on the chain. The solution will unlock unlimited scaling capacity for TRON’s MainNet, and support the growing numbers of transactions on TRON.

The overall solution of the Sun Network will provide unlimited scaling capacity for the TRON MainNet, bringing in more possibilities to the development of TRON’s DApps and the entire ecosystem. The solution also strives to bring about a positive impact to the whole blockchain industry while flourishing the network of TRON.

TRON’s founder Justin Sun says, “As time goes on, lots of projects have made great progresses. We launched the TVM in October 2018. In just 7 months, nearly 500 quality DApps are running on the TRON network. TRON’s total account number reached 3,000,000. A total of 410 million secure transactions took place since the MainNet launch. Moving on, the energy-saving, highly secure and efficient Sun Network will contribute to a more active ecosystem of TRON. Community developers will benefit from the network as well. In addition, a series of scaling projects such as the DAppChain and cross-chain communications will further expand the overall capacity of the TRON network, as well as improving the TPS and smart contract execution efficiency on TRON.”

[More information on Sun Network testnet]

1. How to connect to DAppChain

Sun-client rpc connection interface



Http interface





2. How to get test tokens

Visit and you can get 1,000 test tokens.

3. Pledge assets

Users can use the “deposit” command in sun-client to pledge main chain assets on the side chain. Assets such as TRX, TRC10, TRC20 smart contract assets, and TRC721 smart contract assets are supported. For example, you can use the “deposit trx” command to pledge TRX.

4. Asset mapping

Users will need to map TRC20/TRC721 as main chain contract assets onto DAppChain before pledging contract assets on DAppChain. The “Mapping” command in sun-client will be needed for contract asset mapping, e.g. “mapping trc20” command can be used for mapping TRC20 contract assets.

5. Withdraw assets

Users can use the “withdraw” command in sun-client to withdraw side chain assets to the main chain. Assets such as TRX, TRC10, TRC20 smart contract assets, and TRC721 smart contract assets are supported. For example, you can use the “withdraw trx” command to withdraw TRX.

6. How to deploy DApps on Sun Network for developers

Developers can use sun-client to deploy smart contracts for development on DAppChain.

[Sun Network Development Progress and Plan]

2019.5 Technology Progress

  • DAppChain — PoC stage: support main chain and side chain asset interaction
  • Unlimited scaling — main chain TPS will be improved by 200 times
  • Side chain smart contract — regular transfers and smart contract transactions are supported by the side chain
  • Asset security

Technology Plan beyond June 2019 (SGT)

  • DAppChain — accessible stage: DAppChain will be accessible through multiple Oracle node support
  • Further efforts in decentralization — multiple Oracle nodes, safer and more reliable
  • Low Energy consumption — Energy consumption for transactions on the side chain is extremely low. The solution will relieve the stress of freezing TRX for quality DApps without affecting the MainNet.
  • More active ecosystem — With some promotion, DApp developers will be much more engaged.
  • DAppChain optimization: complete the toolset and improve usability
  • Easier integration — Smart contract and SDK will enable DApps to be adapted and migrated from the main chain to the side chain with low costs.
  • Convenient deployment — developers can easily deploy an exclusive side chain to meet their own needs

[About Sun Network]

The Sun Network solution is a scaling solution aiming at prospering the TRON MainNet, including smart contract DAppChain, cross-chain communications and other scaling projects. DAppChain is a side chain scaling solution related to the TRON smart contract. The solution allows for low energy consumption, high security and high efficiency for the on-chain operation of DApps, and provides unlimited scaling capacity for the TRON MainNet to support the growing transaction number.

[About TRON]

Established by Justin Sun, one of the first graduates at Jack Ma’s Hupan University, TRON is dedicated to building the infrastructure for a truly decentralized Internet. The TRON Protocol, one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world, offers high-scalability, high-availability, and high-throughput support that serves as the foundation for all decentralized applications in the TRON ecosystem. The Protocol also uses an innovative, pluggable smart contract platform to improve compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts.

On July 24, 2018, TRON acquired BitTorrent Inc., an Internet technology company based in San Francisco. The distributed technology designed by BitTorrent Inc. is smart, highly scalable, and keeps creators and consumers in control of their content and data. More than 170 million people use BitTorrent products every month. BitTorrent Inc.’s protocol drives 40% of the world’s Internet traffic every day.