On Pool-X: Staking Over 30% APR Campaign

Pool-X is an exchange that provides liquidity for staked crypto. It is a state of free market that enables the integration of diversified crypto assets and multi-node on the public chain. Without further engaging in competition with the node, Pool-X is mainly focused on introducing diversified crypto assets and multi-node on the public chain to all users. Users are able to freely choose the node while receiving benefits from staking of the digital asset plus a certain amount POL is generated for the user to obtain. Users can get liquidity by trading the staked crypto assets using POL in the liquidity trading market,thus lowering the barrier of staking, improving the development of the whole PoS ecosystem.

POL is a decentralized token issued by the Pool-X exchange based on TRON’s TRC20 protocol and is used to measure the liquidity demand of various crypto assets. It is in the nature of zero reservations to be provided to the team or any individual upfront. Pool-X has provided staking services to its growing 300,000 users with several developments since its establishment. Pool-X platform 1.1 released on April 10 supporting the staking services of 10+ crypto assets. At the same time, the platform token POL listed on KuCoin exchange. We will support multi-nodes around Q3 this year, and later will allocate more traffic to participants who contribute to the platform in the early stage.

The expected yield rate of Staking appears as 4%+44.98%. It refers to the expected 4% APR rate of the TRX locked, plus the expected 44.98% APR rate of the POL you can get from locking TRX (The APR of POL converted into TRX). Its specific calculation method is as follows:

Let’s do the calculation with a minimum lock amount of 300 TRX:

Using the calculator from Pool-X official website, we can see that if there are 300 TRX locked, other than TRX returns, you will receive 0.12 POL per day as extra returns.

According to the current price of POL at $0.042 and TRX at $0.015, the result goes to 0.12 POL equals 0.336 TRX.

So the daily interest will be Interest divided by Principle, which will be 0.336 divided by 300 equals 0.00112.

And the APR will be Daily Interest multiplied by 365 days, which will be 0.00112 multiplied by 365 equals 40.88%.

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