Rules of the SUN Genesis Mining


1.Do not deposit directly to the smart contract, otherwise you will lose all funds
2.You can only use TRONLink Wallet for pledge mining, please deposit all TRX you wish to use in SUN mining to your TRONLink Wallet.

3.The SUN Genesis Mining will start at 21:00 September 02, 2020 (HKT). Users can join by staking TRX. After 14 days(when the mining ends), users can claim all of the staking TRX and SUN profits.

How to stake?

  1. Download and login to TRONLink Wallet.(

2. Go to SUN.Market or, it will connected with your TRONLink account.

3. Click Genesis Mining

4. Enter the amount of TRX you wish to stake, click stake

5. Now a TRONLink request window will pop up, click accept

6. A small window pop up, showing Transaction has been broadcast, then the staking is successful

How to Unlock & Claim funds

  1. Click Genesis Mining

2. Click Claim and then click Unlock&Claim

24 hours after the SUN Genesis Mining officially launched(Sep17,2020HKT), you can Unlock and claim your original TRX funds and SUN profits




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