SUN Output Cut by 80% the First Time after Regular Mining, Adding BTT, WIN and USDJ (additional announcement on September 29)

In accordance with the open voted proposal, SUN regular mining welcomes its much-anticipated first round of output reduction. In response to the community’s strong demand, the SUN community has agreed to cut SUN mining output by 80% after extensive deliberation. This new announcement shall prevail over the one on September 26 should there be any inconsistency.

Despite the decision to cut the output by 80%, the fast-growing SUN is expected to sustain an unparalleled 50% — 100% mining return, tripling what is offered by mainstream mining platforms such as Uniswap and Sushiswap.

The first reduction of SUN will enter into effect on September 30, 2020 at 23:10 (HKT) along with a new round of TRX staking mining, SUN-TRX LP mining, JST-TRX LP mining and USDT-TRX LP mining, which will last 14 days in collaboration with Users who want to keep on mining do not need to withdraw tokens first. Instead, simply follow the steps on the official website and click “Continue Mining” to enjoy uninterrupted high SUN return. Deposit and withdrawal are allowed anytime.

Newly listed: SUN, JST, USDT, USDJ and WBTT staking mining pools, WBTT-TRX LP mining pool, WIN-TRX LP mining pool and USDJ-TRX LP mining pool. They will boost the growth of the TRON ecosystem.

1. From today onwards, SUN rewards will be further cut by 80%: daily output will be 80% less than in Genesis Mining, dropping from 129,000 per day to 25,000 per day. Despite the reduction, the mining return will remain top of the list.The reduction of SUN output is expected to have a profound impact on its supply and demand. Based on previous data, we predict that the reduction will push up the price of SUN.

2. SUN adds support for WBTT/WIN/USDJ staking mining and LP mining pools. On SUN LP mining: the launch of WBTT/TRX LP, WIN/TRX LP and USDJ/TRX LP mining will push up the demand for WBTT/JST/TRX, which will help boost the three markets.

3. Far more flexible mining options — users may pledge SUN, JST, USDT, WBTT or TRX to join in the mining, which paves the way for lending on SUN in the future.

4. Users already joined in mining can keep on mining with a single click upon the launch of the new pools. There is no need to withdraw tokens. Instead, simply follow the steps on the official website and click “Continue Mining” to enjoy uninterrupted generous returns, which is three times higher than on Uniswap and Sushiswap. Furthermore, thanks to TRON’s powerful infrastructure, deposit and withdrawal for mining are allowed anytime.

About LP Liquidity Mining:

Liquidity mining refers to the process where users deposit or lend designated token assets as per the requirement in a mining-featured DeFi product to provide liquidity to the fund pool in order to earn revenue.The revenue earned may be in the form of the project’s in-house token or the right of governance it represents.

In a narrow sense, liquidity mining injects liquidity into various projects; more broadly from the decentralization perspective, it effectively connects the isolated islands of value, facilitates value exchange and ultimately fuels value discovery.In liquidity mining, miners are serving both as an LP (liquidity provider) and an Oracle.

Tutorial on LP mining:

SUN official

SUN Foundation



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