TRC20-USDT Hits 40B in Supply! TRON Navigates Crypto Payment to Benefit Hundred of Millions of Users Worldwide

3 min readMar 25, 2022

As the global crypto market keeps growing, stablecoins are playing a more indispensable role, with TRC20-USDT becoming a mainstay. On March 23, Tether’s official data showed that the supply of TRC20-USDT topped 40.7B, surpassing that of ERC20-USDT (39.8B). This is another milestone of TRON in the stablecoin field, cementing its dominance across the board.

In the blockchain field, stablecoins serve as a measure of value, a popular gateway to newbies, and an effective tool to hedge risks. The explosive growth of the crypto market in 2021 ramped up the market cap of stablecoins, bringing them to the forefront of the industry while highlighting their edge in global settlement. As a superior public chain platform that is equally competent in terms of the ecosystem, performance, and security, TRON is doing its best to meet the demand of stablecoin issuers for supply growth and that of blockchain users for asset transfer.

According to Tokenview, Tether added another 31B USDT from August 2021, with 22B TRC20-USDT and 9B ERC20-USDT. Accordingly, the supply of TRC20-USDT is on a steady rise, accounting for roughly 50% of the total USDT supply and over 20% of the total stablecoin market cap worldwide. The total number of accounts holding TRC20-USDT has exceeded 11.6M, with its monthly increase hitting 1M.

This explosive growth is directly credited to its unique advantages. The issuance, holding, and transfer of TRC20-USDT are all completed on TRON using smart contracts, a process that features full transparency, low cost, and instant delivery, which are friendly to both users and project teams. More and more users have made their choice with action as the average daily transfer of USDT-TRON is on a stable increase, with its single-day transfer topping $20B on January 22 this year.

“As TRC20-USDT’s circulating supply surpassed 40B, both the growth of TRON and stablecoins have been taken to the next level.” TRON founder Justin Sun remarked, “TRON, home to the industry’s largest stablecoin, will make every endeavor to push stablecoins to the mainstream and make blockchain accessible to more.”

In fact, TRON has been putting a premium on stablecoin growth since day one, with constantly scaled-up investments in this sector over the past years. Today, relying on the strong alliance of 4 TRON-based stablecoins USDT, USDJ, TUSD and USDC, TRON has built a thriving stablecoin empire dominated by TRC20-USDT, among them two industry-leading players, one decentralized stablecoin, and one compliant USD-backed coin.

This stablecoin landscape incessantly powers TRON’s on-chain transactions and offers easy entry to DApps, magnifying TRON’s mission of promoting financial inclusion. Now, with more than 83M users and over 2.99B total transactions on its public chain, TRON enjoys an excellent reputation and credibility among global users.

Built on an industry-leading stablecoin ecosystem navigated by TRC20-USDT, TRON has established itself as the benchmark of emerging global instant payment systems, as proved by its on-chain transfer volume that is several times that on the third-party payment incumbent Paypal. As we advance, TRON will continue its mission to benefit financial institutions, digital assets, and the broader DeFi space with efficient, affordable, and all-inclusive transfer channels as well as secure, fast, and low-fee settlement services, seizing all opportunities that blockchain has to offer.