TRON 4.0 Online Conference: Justin Sun — Founder of TRON & CEO of BitTorrent: TRON 4.0: An Initiative that Braves the Waves

Thank you everybody for coming today! Today is a very exciting today. We have lots of guest speakers joining us today. Since the pandemic, we can’t host the next TRON summit in Korean. But this time, it’s the first time we have moved the TRON summit to online business. And also at the same time, we have seen numerous guest speakers coming today. So today we will have a very long marathon for the live streaming. We will go for eight hours and everyone will see the builders and the partners in the TRON ecosystem. I believe it’s going to be like one of the most exciting events in the Blockchain industry. And I hope everyone joining today will learn a lot of the Blockchain knowledge from this event. And also check out all of the new updates and the new partners within the TRON ecosystem. I’m very happy to share lots of news today. And the update of the TRON ecosystem.

So let’s get started with my presentation. I have waited for this moment for so long. After numerous efforts, our community developers had introduced TRON 4.0 Great Voyage. In 2018, we introduced Odyssey which has two versions, 2.0 and 3.0. So we have waited two years and twelve days to introduce TRON 4.0 Great Voyage. This version marks the new era of the decentralized finance of TRON and we will see a lot of good impact will happen in the TRON ecosystem in the future. So let’s get started.

TRON 4.0 - the web financial infrastructure for the next generation. This is the new TRON vision. For lots of the fans, TRON fans and TRONICs in the ecosystem, we have been very familiar with decentralizing the web of the TRON. Today we will introduce a new vision. For the TRON ecosystem, the web financial structure for the next generation.

TRON 4.0 has lots of features from DApps to DeFi for the developers, the enterprise we serve and key financial institutions.

TRON 4.0 is not only the manifestation of the TRON “Decentralize the Web” vision but also the building of financial infrastructure for the next generation. We have seen TRON evolve from one vision to another along in this row to the Blockchain innovation. And also from another angle, we see TRON 4.0.

We start from one business publicly traded. We have seen TRON introduce BTT in the Bittorrent and also we reached the strategic partners with Steemit also collaborates with TRON in lots of good ways recently. We also see TRON has started from a single chain to today, TRON 4.0. In the future, TRON will also become the leader in Blockchain.

And also, we see TRON start from learner in the Blockchain industry and today TRON introduced a lot of very good innovative technology into this industry. And become the innovator in the Blockchain industry.

So first let’s check out TRON 4.0. TRON 4.0 which is officially released today has 4 biggest features. First of all, is the TRONZ team, the community team that has introduced the smart technology into the TRON smart contract protocol.

We have been very familiar with lots of the privacy token like Zcash in this industry but both Zcash and Monero only support transactions. They don’t support smart contracts transaction and at the same time TRON enables a better and smart contract developer and also for other tokens on a general platform.

So TRON is the first one in the industry to introduce the support for the shield transaction for smart contract platforms. Starting from today, TRON developers can enable the privacy feature on their TRC20 tokens. On one hand, they can enable the features to guarantee privacy. On the other hand, they can disable it to comply with the local law. So basically we put the TRONZ features as one of the features you can use freely depending on the situation. I believe in the future, lots of developers will build on top of TRON because they have the freedom to enable the privacy feature for their customers.

Secondly, also very important is that the TRON team introduces the new TPOS mechanism. This is 20 times faster, block confirmation than before. The new mechanism is the combination of the PBFT mechanism and the DPOS mechanism which makes TRON even more scalable compared to the current situation. We all know that TRON has been well known for fast and instant transactions in this industry. It is 20 times more scalable than before which makes this very convenient for the developers in the future to develop on the TRON ecosystem and for the institution to build their business on the TRON protocol.

Thirdly, it’s about TICP. TICP is known for TRON protocol which makes TRON also the first in the industry to introduce the inoperability of the Blockchain. This is also the differentiation communication and we have known lots of developers in the industry have written a white paper and say they will introduce the inter Blockchain very soon.

After two years TRON is the first team in this industry to shape the inter Blockchain communication solution. After today, developers can build their own Blockchain on the TRON ecosystem and within the TRON ecosystem. They can communicate with each other by TICP.

Last but not least is about the enterprise Blockchain solution. TRON will introduce a one click business level Blockchain deployment tool which makes small business and big institutions extremely easy to deploy their Blockchain using the TRON Blockchain deployment tool. This only takes one click to deploy all of the Blockchain solutions.

This is free and simple. I believe after the TRON 4.0 great voyage, a lot of the big enterprises will start to develop on the TRON platform because we offer free and instant experience in developing Blockchain. We will lower the barrier of the blockchain technology to make it easy for everyone to enjoy the Blockchain advantage.

Let’s take a look back on the job we have done for the past 3 years. In 2018, the TRON team and the community developers have been mainly focused on shaping TRON. We shaped 1.0 and Odyssey 2.0 and 3.0 and we work diligently on asking and collaborating with the wallet developers to support TRON infrastructure. And also, lots of the exchanges in the world stated TRON as their leading currency to make TRON available in over one hundred countries.

So 2018, is a year of building the TRON ecosystem. And 2018, we have seen a lot of progress.

First, TRON acquired BitTorrent. And also, we collaborate with USDT in 2020. And of course, we collaborate with a lot of the governments as well. I personally met the premier David and we also started to collaborate with a lot of governments on Blockchain development.

Later platforms like Steemit also collaborated with TRON in 2020. The first half of this year we have seen exponential growth. We finished the Warren Buffet lunch andTRC20-USDT circulation has passed the 2.8 billion. And we officially launched BTFS. We see that TRON ecosystem, and the total trading volume in Q1 was $411 million.

And also, we started to build the DeFi features on TRON network. We collaborated with them and launched the token sale and we already see a lot of the development of the TRON DeFi ecosystem.

These are the five milestones. After two years, starting from today, we are entering the new era of the TRON 4.0 Great Voyage. And also, I want to use today as a special moment to thank you, our community and SR. TRON belongs to the SRs in community governance. We have 27 SRs and the 100 super partners and 137SR candidates. There are over 26 billion that have worked in the network to participate in the governance but 27 are democratically elected and governed by the community.

Both TRON, myself, and the TRON team is only one of the members in the big TRON community. The success of the TRON network is dependent on the 27 super representatives and all of the members in the TRON community. TRON network today is fully decentralized and governed by the community. Thank you to all of the TRON members for contributing to the TRON ecosystem.

Let’s check out our DApp ecosystem data. We started from scratch in 2018. Now we have over 700 Dapps and Q1 the volume in the ecosystem has over 411 million U.S. dollars. We have a very robust and active Dapp ecosystem. Let’s see an example. So WINk is one of the most active in the TRON ecosystem. Of course, we have many others. We have over 700 of them. And WINk today has 200K active users and has collaborated with the top level exchange like others in the industry.

Today, the WINk has grown to one of the most popular gaming platform in our industry. And today, I also want to share special news. WINk has reached a secret partnership with Poloniex and will be introduced at the end of July. So it’s only 3 weeks ahead. I know there’s a lot of WINk community members that are watching today’s live streaming.

So just stay tuned.

Of course, we are active try to collaborate with the big enterprise to support TRON ecosystem in the big enterprise user case. I think the biggest case is Samsung and Samsung galaxy store support.

Start from 2019, Samsung has supported TRON in their mobile phone. Starting in 2020, galaxy has started to support all of the TRON Dapps. Today, we are actively working with a lot of the big enterprise at the same level of Samsung to support TRX ecosystem.

I think for the second half year, we will announce more adoption and huge partnership with enterprise.

Also, we have other partners like Opera and BitTorrent and we work with other Dapps and apps with over 100 million active users to introduce them to the Blockchain era. And of course, we are also focused on building the social media matrix. So today, we are the largest on crypto Twitter. We have over 2.1 million followers for myself Twitter and over 6 million in Facebook. We are the largest in Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, and we are also very active in Instagram, YouTube, Telegram and of course, DLive

And this year, also collaboration with the social media is a very important strategy for TRON foundation. We collaborate with Twitter officially launched the Twitter Emoji a week ago. So today you can see #TRON and #TRX hashtag to have the TRON Emoji. Today, we collaborate with Twitter to make the #TRONAnniversary on the top trending list in Turkey, India, and Russia. These three countries are very big crypto communities. Just stay tuned for more collaboration with social media. Social media campaigns are one of the most important strategies for TRON marketing. We will continue to push these moving forward. Also for the developer ecosystem, we have put lots of effort into it. We hold TRON core DApps meetings every month and also, we hold TRON accelerator and developer challenges every year.

Also, we encourage developers to get together to hold a niTROn summit in 2019 and also this year, we have held the niTROn summit online which is happening now.

Let’s check about our DApp ecosystem one more time. So after today, we have built a very large DApp ecosystem but this is just the beginning. So starting from today, we are entering the DeFi era.

Let’s talk about DeFi. So lots of people have their interpretation about DeFi and for me, I think DeFi has several parts. First of all, DeFi is about finance. So we are not only able to provide a very active structure experience of the finance infrastructure. At the same time, we have pulled lots of the efforts into a attract financial institution and the credit investor into our ecosystem. So we kick off with the Warren Buffett charity lunch.

In 2019, we successfully won the Warren Buffett charity lunch. In 2020, we finished it. This is the first time crypto has a dialogue of talking with traditional investors and we also want to build a bridge between the traditional financial investor and the crypto industry.

The crypto industry pioneer should talk with the credit investor and the financial institution. We want to build a solid alliance with the mainstream investors and build the financial product for the credit investors globally. We have lots of progress in this aspect and we will announce very soon.

I think we will have some solid progress to be announced in July. In the second half of the year, we will announce more collaboration with the mainstream institution investor and the credit investor globally.

Of course, we also start to build more strategic alliance with exchanges. We collaborated with Poloniex to official adopt the TRX becomes the exclusive token for fund raising at the Poloniex Launch pad. Starting from today, we are also from 20 percent to 50 percent discount for all of the users in Poloniex. So today TRON is partnering with Poloniex to offer 20 percent to 50 percent discount on TRX, only available on Poloniex. So you can check on Poloniex to buy TRX with 20 percent to 50 percent discount.

And of course, we collaborate with lots of other exchange as well. We collaborate with Binance, Huobi, KuCoin, OKEx,, on introducing TRX as a quote currency in their exchange. So you can trade BTT, WINkagainst TRX and also at the same time, we’re also entering the strategic partnership with other exchange as well. I think in this year 2020, we will see more exchange partnership to come for TRX and BTT as the leading currency in the exchange. Just stay tuned. And today, TRX trading markets and co pairs has over 10 in the leading cryptocurrency exchange. We have also seen exchanged trading pairs over 500. The support of wallet is over 60.

Let’s check about also one of the big aspects in TRON. It’s about Stablecoin. We collaborated with Tether in 2019, so today, USDT on TRON has surpassed 2.8 billion U.S. dollars. Within this year, I believe we will surpass ERC20 on USDT and by the end of the year, our target is 5 billion U.S. dollars.

Talking about centralized Stablecoin, we are also collaborating with the Poloniex to help the community project JUST to introduce the token sale LaunchBase on Poloniex platform. It sold out in four minutes and the highest return is 20 times. Today, JUST has been listed on Poloniex, MXC, BiKi and KuCoin. The total TRX locked in the JUST platform and is over 1 billion TRX, over 1 percent of the TRX, and continues to grow. I believe in the next year and within this year, we will see more TRX lockedin the JUST platform.

Also, JUST has upgraded from a single token in the JUST platform to become the core DeFi token of the entire TRON DeFi ecosystem which covers area in the decentralized loans, decentralized trades and decentralized cross-chain communication. The JUST team will launch JUST swap for trading, JUST lend for decentralized loans and JUST BTC for the financial product in the TRON ecosystem.

So building JUST is an important aspect of TRON starting from DApps to DeFi. Also, let’s have a look at BitTorrent ecosystem. BitTorrent is an important pillow into TRON strategy from one to many. So today BitTorrent has over 100 million active users. And after we introduced BTT, it has been trading in over 60 exchanges and covered 138 countries.

BitTorrent has started a very good product matrix, including BitTorrent File System (BTFS), BitTorrent Speed, DLive and TRONTV. We launched BTFS last month and started to introduce BTFS mining today. I will introduce the details later. Also, we have seen remarkable growth of BitTorrent Speed, DLive and TRONTV. The MAU of DLive is over 10 million, and for TRONTV, we have over 80 million monthly views.

Let’s start to take a close look one by one. BTFS users have grown dramatically since June after we introduced the BitTorrent File System mainnet. Today, we have over 200K users for the DAU. And also, BTFS has introduced the six modes of the mining revenues and it is compatible with Filecoin. All the Filecoin developers and miners can easily mine BTT token in the ecosystem and we have introduced a total reward of 20 billion BTT into the ecosystem to encourage the small developers and miners and even people with very simple laptops and computers can mine BTT in their laptop and computer. And of course, if you’re a developer, you can easily build your DApps and applications on the BTFS storage ecosystem. It will become the storage infrastructure for decentralized web. We will see more DApps and collaborate with BTFS in building the decentralized storage plan.

And also, we see lots of progress about BitTorrent Speed. BitTorrent Speed MAU has exceeded 25 million powered by BTT token and the blockchain, increasing the torrent downloading speed and earn BTT. So if you haven’t tried BitTorrent Speed today, you should and you can download BitTorrent and uTorrent on and the Our target is by the end of the year, we want to reach 90 percent of the current BitTorrent ecosystem users, surpassing at least 50 million MAU. I think recently lots of you have seen a lot of the growth on TRON ecosystem addresses. We have reached 6.5 million.

In the end of the year, I think we can surpass 10 million independent addresses and if BitTorrent Speed is introducing more users into the TRON ecosystem, we have confidence that we may even have more users than 10 million in the TRON ecosystem at the end of the year. Considering BitTorrent Speed will bring at least 50 million MAU in the TRON ecosystem.

And also, we know DLive joined us in the end of 2019 starting from 3 million MAU. Over half of a year we have an increase from 3 million MAU to over 7 million MAU. I believe by the end of the year, it’s easy to reach 10 million MAU and also will become the number one live streaming product in Turkish market.

If you are a BTT holder, don’t forget to stake your BTT in DLive ecosystem. Today DLive is offering over 70% AUM, basically it’s a year income for all the BTT holders to participate in the staking process in DLive ecosystem. You can unstake your BTT very soon and receive your BTT rewards. So basically, there is zero financial risk but you can earn a lot of the BTT for free.

And also, we have two surprises for today’s live streaming to be announced.

I’m very excited to share these two good news to you. First of all, we have a new domain for the TRON website We have collaborated with the network domain administrator. They have agreed to give us the which is the top domain in the network domain area. There are only 26 single letter domains in the network domain. And for everybody who knows TRON domain has been for quite a long time. And today, I’m happy to introduce to our community. It’s very easy to remember and easy to visit.

Also, I would like to introduce our new mascot. We have been very familiar with TRONbear. I believe 2020 and 2021 will become a bull year. So we would like to introduce TRONbear’s brother - TRONbull today. So we see the TRONbull picture here. The Chinese name for it is Bo Niu, and its English name is TRONbull. You can see the design of the TRON new mascot TRONbull and I believe 2020 and 2021 will become a bull year. Also, we want TRONbull to be everybody’s friend and starting from today, we’ll start to introduce this new TRONbull mascot to our industry. Just see one more picture of TRONbull. Super cute! I love TRONbull a lot.

Also, don’t forget the give-away time. So we have 9 pieces of the privacy key I will share for the next slide. And three can make a private key. So you can make this private key to get access to TRX, WIN and BTT rewards. Start from now. So please take a screenshot because you can’t remember all of the 9 pieces at one time.

You can see the private key pieces here. With all of the privacy pieces, you can get the TRX, BTT and WIN in wallet. Thank you for witnessing my presentation and the launch of the TRON 4.0.

Don’t leave. Please enjoy the rest of the speech. Myself will also stay here to see other speaker’s amazing slides and I believe tonight, it will be a great time for everybody around the globe to enjoy the TRON ecosystem and my presentation is just like the kick off presentation and you’ll see lots of the details in the coming speech. Stay tuned.

>> Host: Thank you Justin. Thank you for your exciting speech and now, let’s count down together to the opening of TRON Great Voyage, 4.0 era. Five, four, three, two, one!

Congratulations to TRON 4.0 era. I’m sure TRON’s ecosystem will brave the waves. Thank you!

>> Justin Sun: Thank you so much!




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