TRON 4.0 Online Conference: Lucia Wong — CEO of WINk: The Ideal Platform for Comprehensive Cross-Blockchain Entertainment and Social Networking

9 min readJul 7, 2020

Hello all, My name is Lucia Wong and I am joining you from the biggest online gaming platform on the Tron DApp protocol. I would like to share with you the joy and excitement that I have, from being given the opportunity to be here with you all and taking part in the

I’m truly honored to be given this opportunity to introduce WINk, the №1 dapp to you every one of you.

To begin, I would like to give you a brief introduction to the WINk platform and tell you provide a brief overview of who we are and what WINk does. ​WINk simply Put A Blockchain Gaming Platform where you can Play, Socialize And Earn, you get the opportunity to earn with WINk by staking WIN tokens on the website. You can also earn with staking by playing games on the platform, where you will be rewarded with our sub tokens that you can then stake once earned.

I will now get into more in depth details on all I have mentioned above and explain to you exactly how works and what you can do on our platform

WINk aims to build on its market position as a ​leading blockchain gaming platform​ through the consistent introduction of high-quality decentralized applications (DApps). This will be accomplished by leveraging the WINk team’s experience for game/ecosystem design and by enabling other development teams and users to guide the growth and direction of the platform through a unique governance mechanism.

  • WINk is a ​gaming platform allowing users to play, socialize, and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems. However, its primary blockchain ecosystem has been centered around the Tron blockchain.
  • Through ​behavioral mining, an innovative token economy design​, and other incentive mechanisms, WINk has built ​a full ecosystem dedicated to providing a quality gaming experience​.
  • It also enables developers to build decentralized applications (DApps) that drive adoption while engaging end-users to participate as ​active stakeholders in the WINk ecosystem​.
  • WIN tokens are TRC-20 tokens running on TRON. Within the WINk platform, WIN tokens are used to incentivize the participation of developers and users.

WINk is the most successful and profitable Casino platform, with an annual transaction value of 2.8 billion USD. Our profit sharing business model means that WIN/DICE/LIVE holders also get daily passive dividends. These ‘drops’ play a very big part in the WINk ecosystem and are one of the main reasons for our players to wager their funds on WINk over traditional online casinos.

WINk distributed 2.2 billion TRX dividends to the WINk/Dice/Live/Rake holders in total, and the accumulated transaction volume exceeded 100 billion TRX in year 2019, which is equivalent to the total token supply of TRX.

WINk accounts for about 72% of year 2019’s total Tron dapp value. The share rises to 85% of the TRON dapp ecosystem’s total value for the second half of 2019.

So Why We Choose Tron?

As we know, the TRON protocol has managed to meet expectations by becoming one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world. We intend to leverage TRON’s ambition to establish “a truly decentralized Internet” to become the premier blockchain gaming platform across all chains. From our perspective, these 3 points attract us most:

● At first, it is Tron’s Scalability.

WINk will utilize the TRON network capacity to provide instantaneous gameplay and reliable service no matter how big the platform grows. WINk has also developed its own scaling solutions that have been implemented into games such as online casino slots and our own blockchain poker section. These optimizations have pushed WINk’s gameplay to the forefront of industry standards and the team remains committed to improving the platform’s decentralization and usability.

● Second, it is Tron’s Free Transactions

WINk always puts the user experience first, that means free transaction costs are a necessity. For games that run directly on the TRON blockchain, users receive bountiful supplies of energy and bandwidth for staking a small amount of TRX. The WINk platform will also help cover some of these costs by putting up its own energy and bandwidth for its user transactions.

Furthermore, WINk will be integrating its scaling solution with new games that run on the platform to eliminate transaction costs completely. Games like slots and poker currently run cost-free, with many more gaming options to be added in the future.

● Thirdly, it is Tron’s Liquidity&Adoption

The WINk team will be working closely with TRON to leverage all the opportunities TRON’s rapidly growing ecosystem has to offer. TRON’s strong relationships with industry leaders, including the top exchanges, will facilitate the WINk platform and its native token WIN to widespread adoption. Going forward, TRON will continue adding utility to the network with WINk being one of the earliest adopters. The pool of users from Tron to WINk gives them new opportunities to utilize cryptocurrency and will convert them from blockchain enthusiasts to permanent members of the community. With such synergy between WINk’s product and TRON’s ecosystem, the possibilities are truly limitless!

Of course! with Tron 4.0, we can expect an even better performance, which in turn will better the development of Tron DApps and what the DApp space is capable of.

Next, Let us share you the WINK’s Social System for Games

WINk boasts ​one of the largest, fiercest and loyal communities in the entire blockchain space​, with members actively engaged across multiple social channels. Social elements of WINk’s platform have mobilized the gaming community and contributed to repeated engagement and minimal churn.

1) WINk platform social system

We understand the importance of social components in gaming, we have an account creation system, onsite player chat function, Player Rankings, incentivized leaderboards and more. Our goal is to foster a sense of community where users can come together to share ideas about gaming, crypto, or whatever else they wish to discuss.

The WINk platform will begin introducing further upgrades to develop platform growth, such as exclusive privileges based on player levels — including but not limited to, a point system in which points can be exchanged for various prizes such as increased mining bonuses and free bets. We know loyalty is important and we are aware that WINk needs to be more in line with the industry by giving more incentive to the players and that is what we intend to do.

2)WINk Coummunity
WINk has a community which currently has over 100,000 engaged players. Our user base is made up

of two main components.

● The 1st is DApp players

The community of DApp players will benefit as a whole as they join the platform on its odyssey towards becoming the world’s leading blockchain gaming platform. The more a user plays on WINk, the more incentives they receive to come back and play again, this is achieved by the earning of secondary tokens onsite, which are used to stake within the section they are earned from. By adding more DApps to WINk, Users will be able to show their loyalty to specific DApps on the platform and mine tokens bound to those individual DApps.

● The second is Win Holdlers

WIN token holders are the core of the WINk gaming platform. Every DApp hosted on the gaming platform will share a portion of their profits with WIN token holders using our innovative “WinDrop.” The WinDrop takes place once every 24 hours and incentivizes ecosystem participants with TRX, BTT and USDT. The amount of these currencies that are distributed to each user will be proportional to the amount of WIN amount they have and the amount of profits that have been accumulated during the previous 24 hours period to the ‘drop’.

Let us share you the Innovative Incentive Mechanisms: Exclusive Win token + “play-to-mine” Modes

As users retain custody of their funds and developers can deploy transparent DApps, WINk’s team core focus is on the user. Innovations, such as the exclusive WIN token and “play-to-mine” modes, attempt to ingratiate VIP users, creating a platform with a loyal and committed fanbase.

Exclusive WIN token:

WIN token is a TRC-20 utility token built on the TRON blockchain. Within the WINk platform, WIN is the token used to ​incentivize active participation from key stakeholders i.e., developers and users. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the token’s core use-cases:

  • WinDrop staking:​ All DApps connected to the gaming platform can share a ​portion of the winnings​ with WIN token-holders through its “WinDrop” program.
  • Resource burns:​ token-holders can alleviate transaction costs by staking WIN.
  • Exclusive opportunities and experiences:​ token-holders are able to ​participate in exclusive events​, such as celebrity poker tournaments or car giveaways.
  • Gameplay bonuses:​ high-volume players and DApps that serve large user bases receive benefits for each transaction​. For instance, benefits may include direct discounts, increased payouts, or accelerated mining rates.

“play-to-mine” modes:

  • Currently there are three sub tokens on the platform, DICE, LIVE and RAKE. When you play any game under their specified sections using TRX, you will get rewarded with the corresponding sub tokens whether you win or lose you earn these tokens meaning you never leave a game on WINk empty handed. At the same time players who hold three of these Tokens, will become a shareholder of each sub section. The tokens you earn, DICE, LIVE and RAKE can be used for staking purposes. Giving the token holders a direct share of that section’s own profits. We will list DICE on July 8th.
  • The “mine” model on WINk will also allow more users to participate in the WINK project, purely by choosing WINk for their gameplay. Due to this model the benefits of the WINK platform are shared with everyone. Whether your tokens are WIN tokens that are purchased on an exchange, or DICE LIVE and RAKE tokens obtained by playing.

Then How To Build A More Seamless Decentralized Gaming Experience?

In contrast with more centralized gaming platforms, the TRON-based platform WINk ​provides a unique and compelling user experience​:

  • Auditable smart contracts: as the back-end of the games are deployed in a publicly viewable smart contract, ​smart contracts can be audited​. For instance, it can lead to great benefits from a transparency perspective online casinos.
  • Self-custody:​ most games allow users to maintain complete custody of their funds.
  • Token rewards:​ users will receive cryptographic tokens and other rewards for playing.
  • Social features​ and exclusive events to engage the community (e.g., Charity casino games).
  • Name-brand partnerships​ through TRON and BitTorrent to support its DApp development and usage expansion.

Great Voyage: Tron 4.0 and WINk

WINk will open its doors as a DAPP ecosystem store in Q4, allowing specially selected DAPPS to bring high quality gaming additions to WINk. The aim of this of course is to bring in more players from different types of DAPPs and not just limit ourselves to the gambling sector.

WINk wants to prove to the world that wealth redistribution is possible through the TRON blockchain. During the past years, we just witnessed the WINk distributed 2.2 billion TRX dividends to the WINk/Dice/Live/Rake holders in total. One of our luckiest players just won 10M TRX, which worths more than 170,000 US Dollars, and our lucky WINkster WINkster Kurt winning his awesome BMW 430i in the WINk community event.
That is what wink is. It makes everyone to have the chance to be a shareholder of a profitable online casino platform and it makes the wealth redistribution possible.

Welcome to join us Feel free to contact us at any time with the following information:

There is a wealth of information to learn when it comes to as a platform and just as much to learn about the opportunities that can be provided from the WIN token and our sub tokens. I really do want to Thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity that I have had today, to share all of this information with you. I hope you have enjoyed learning about WINk and I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us both on our social platforms and itself, I hope you find it as fascinating and opportunistic as I have myself and we look forward to welcoming you to our community! As the number 1 gaming dapp, we are extremely grateful to Tron for building such a great platform for us to thrive from and you have All the best wishes from the entire WINk team for Tron 4.0.