TRON 4.0 Online Conference: Lucia Wong — CEO of WINk: The Ideal Platform for Comprehensive Cross-Blockchain Entertainment and Social Networking

  • WINk is a ​gaming platform allowing users to play, socialize, and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems. However, its primary blockchain ecosystem has been centered around the Tron blockchain.
  • Through ​behavioral mining, an innovative token economy design​, and other incentive mechanisms, WINk has built ​a full ecosystem dedicated to providing a quality gaming experience​.
  • It also enables developers to build decentralized applications (DApps) that drive adoption while engaging end-users to participate as ​active stakeholders in the WINk ecosystem​.
  • WIN tokens are TRC-20 tokens running on TRON. Within the WINk platform, WIN tokens are used to incentivize the participation of developers and users.
  • WinDrop staking:​ All DApps connected to the gaming platform can share a ​portion of the winnings​ with WIN token-holders through its “WinDrop” program.
  • Resource burns:​ token-holders can alleviate transaction costs by staking WIN.
  • Exclusive opportunities and experiences:​ token-holders are able to ​participate in exclusive events​, such as celebrity poker tournaments or car giveaways.
  • Gameplay bonuses:​ high-volume players and DApps that serve large user bases receive benefits for each transaction​. For instance, benefits may include direct discounts, increased payouts, or accelerated mining rates.
  • Currently there are three sub tokens on the platform, DICE, LIVE and RAKE. When you play any game under their specified sections using TRX, you will get rewarded with the corresponding sub tokens whether you win or lose you earn these tokens meaning you never leave a game on WINk empty handed. At the same time players who hold three of these Tokens, will become a shareholder of each sub section. The tokens you earn, DICE, LIVE and RAKE can be used for staking purposes. Giving the token holders a direct share of that section’s own profits. We will list DICE on July 8th.
  • The “mine” model on WINk will also allow more users to participate in the WINK project, purely by choosing WINk for their gameplay. Due to this model the benefits of the WINK platform are shared with everyone. Whether your tokens are WIN tokens that are purchased on an exchange, or DICE LIVE and RAKE tokens obtained by playing.
  • Auditable smart contracts: as the back-end of the games are deployed in a publicly viewable smart contract, ​smart contracts can be audited​. For instance, it can lead to great benefits from a transparency perspective online casinos.
  • Self-custody:​ most games allow users to maintain complete custody of their funds.
  • Token rewards:​ users will receive cryptographic tokens and other rewards for playing.
  • Social features​ and exclusive events to engage the community (e.g., Charity casino games).
  • Name-brand partnerships​ through TRON and BitTorrent to support its DApp development and usage expansion.



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