TRON Developer Guide — Bandwidth Points


Bandwidth Points Calculation

Normal Transaction

New Account Transaction

  1. Consume the bandwidth points the transaction initiator has frozen to gain. If the initiator does not have enough bandwidth points, go to the next step.
  2. Consume the transaction initiator’s TRX, which means burning 0.1TRX.

Token Issuance Transfer

Bandwidth Points Consumption

Bandwidth Points Sources

  • Freezing TRX. The quota = the TRX frozen for gaining bandwidth points / the total TRX frozen in the network for gaining bandwidth points * 43_200_000_000, which is the equally-divided fixed bandwidth points quota for all users based on the frozen TRX.
  • Fixed 5,000 free TRX quota for each account.
  • Freezebandwidth: 400 Sufficient, so all consume frozen bandwidth 400–200
  • Freezebandwidth: 200 Not consumed
  • Freezebandwidth: 200
  • Freebandwidth: 200
  • Freezebandwidth: 100 is insufficent, so it is not consumed
  • Freebandwidth: 200 is sufficient, so all consume free bandwidth
  • Freezebandwidth: 100
  • Freebandwidth: 0
  • Freezebandwidth: 100 Insufficient
  • Freebandwidth: 100 Insufficient

Query Account Bandwidth Points

  • /wallet/getaccountnet retrieves the bandwidth points information for an account. If a key isn't present, then the value is 0.
  • Shell
{“freeNetUsed”: 557,“freeNetLimit”: 5000,“NetUsed”: 353,“NetLimit”: 5239157853,“TotalNetLimit”: 43200000000,“TotalNetWeight”: 41228}

Bandwidth Points Calculator

Automatic Recovery of Bandwidth Points



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