TRON Developer Guide—TRON Wallet RPC-API

Frequently used APIs:

  • Get general info of the wallet (similar to bitcoin getinfo)
  • Get balance of an address (similar to bitcoin getbalance)
  • Create a new address (similar to bitcoin getnewaddress)
    You can create an address at the local system.
    And you can create a new address on blockchain by calling RPC-API createAccount, TransferAsset, or CreateTransaction (TransferContract) to make a transfer from an existing account to the new address.
  • Retrieve the list of transaction history by address (similar to bitcoin listtransactions)
  • Check address is valid or not (regex or API command)
  • Local check — — After decode58check at local, you can get a 21-byte byte array starting with 0x41 (mainnet) or 0xa0 (testnet).
  • If you want to verify whether an address exists on the blockchain, you can call GetAccount.

Get Account Information

TRX Transfer

Transaction Broadcasting

Creating Account

Account Update


Token Issuance

Query List of SR Candidates

Super Representative Application

SR Candidates Information Update

Token Transfer

Token Offering Participation

Nodes Query

Query List of All Tokens

Query Tokens Issued by an Account

Query Token Information by Token Name

Query Current Tokens by Timestamp

Get Current Block

Get Block by Block Height

Get Total Number of Transactions

Query Transaction by ID

Query Transaction by Timestamp

Query Transaction Initiations by Address

Query Transaction Receptions by Address

Freeze Balance

Unfreeze Balance

Block-production Reward Redemption

Unfreeze balance

Query Next Maintenance Time

Query Transaction Information

Query Block by ID

Token update

Paginated Query of Token List

Transaction Signing

Address and Private Key Creation

TRX Easy Transfer

Generate Address and Private Key



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