TRON has become a DAO since Dec 2021

3 min readNov 5, 2022

TRON has officially become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) since Dec 2021. The TRON network is a decentralized blockchain protocol that does not collect user data nor does it maintain any private information about user demographics. There is no way for the TRON DAO to exert control over its user composition nor does any other decentralized blockchain network.

Tron Network Ltd. does not represent the entire DAO. The BVI entity is merely one of the many companies working in the TRON ecosystem to support its developer, use case and community growth. The matter of fact is, Tron Network Ltd. does not hold any TRX to our knowledge nor does it operate any TRON validator nodes. The TRON DAO team would be more than happy to respond to any media or industry queries should they contact

The TRON founder Justin Sun has stepped down as CEO from the dissolved entity Tron Foundation since Dec 2021 and has since embarked on a new journey in his diplomatic career, along with other new endeavors. Mr. Sun does not represent the TRON DAO nor does he actively work for the DAO on a daily basis. All queries or request to the DAO should go to the TRON DAO team at the support email above.

TRON is by construction a permission-less blockchain protocol, in the same way as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, etc. The inherent nature of any decentralized blockchain protocol is open source – anybody on the planet earth with access to the internet can tap into the TRON network, as well as hundreds of other blockchain protocols. There is no built-in function on the TRON protocol to stop anybody from utilizing our blockchain, nor do we have any privacy function built-in to cover transitions for any users on the blockchain – everything is permission-less and transparent, as it should be in the era of web3.

The TRON DAO works with numerous regulated crypto exchanges around the world where we provide full access into our network for any integrating exchange to implement their own KYC and AML policy as well as all the necessary vetting of user information. Even though we as a decentralized blockchain protocol per se that does not curate user data, we have always and will continue to work with regulated exchanges in different sovereignties to help them fully implement their required regulatory procedures to onboard TRON and make it accessible to users worldwide in a compliant and transparent manner.

Overall, the TRON blockchain has been highly compliant since day one and the TRON DAO will continue to make it our number one priority to stay that way. We are apolitical as all other major blockchain projects are, e.g., Bitcoin and Ethereum, and we respect and honor all regulatory frameworks and governmental procedures in all sovereign countries and regions around the world, without bias or prejudice. We are open and always stay proactive in working with governments around the world to make the TRON ecosystem a fundamental success in offering a path to a web3 future built on sound blockchain technologies and decentralized applications.