On April 16, TRON Foundation officially announced TRON SR Guidelines.

According to this guideline, a super representative must meet 8 requirements.

Due to the increasing number of candidates, I think it is necessary to split the scoring project. The previous scoring principle was one point or zero points, but this is not very fair. Take the server configuration, there should be differences in the score between the 1T size and the 20T size hard disk. I think this will help enhance the level of the candidates and further develop the community.

Therefore, I have added some scoring projects by splitting, and so far there are fifteen items:

Basic scoring items: Official site, Team info, List of team members & pics, Team intros,
Operational scoring items: Local social applications, Annual community support plan, Livestream, MEET UP, Community promotion efforts
Technical scoring items: Testable nodes, Plans for hardware expansion, Plans for server placement, Server type, Server configuration, Expense budget.


For the above 15 points, 1 point for each item. The Community promotion efforts, Plans for hardware expansion and Server configuration are scored according to the specific information provided by the candidates. The score span is 0–1, while candidates will gain 1 point or 0 point for the remaining conditions, with the total score of 15 points.

All information on this ranking comes from the SR Forum. Candidates who did not submit information on the Forum will not be rated. If there is an update, please indicate the updated part and reply in the pos. If you have any question about ranking, please reply in the post or write to me. I will make changes based on the actual situation.

[Abstract] On May 6 (GMT+8), TRON proposal、ChainDD、Top.One、Crypto Chain、DAG submitted their information for the election. TRON proposal scored 4.3 points and ranked 33rd, ChainDD scored 8.1 points and ranked 25th. scored 9.8 points and ranked 16th, Crypto Chain scored 9 points and ranked 23rd, DAG scored 11.4 points and ranked 3rd, CryptoDiva updated their file, scored 10.8 points, ranked 4th. Currently, there are 33 organizations announced to run for TRON super representative, candidates ranking top three in scores are: MDT. KOL: Zhu Yuanyuan, DAG

Some candidates said that I missed some info, I revised it and hope that candidates can mark their revisions or leave a comment so that I can see. If candidates made propaganda in other aspects, please post the screenshot or link to prove, otherwise it’s not convincing.

[Candidates submitting information]

Bitcoin God、Next Genius、Game.comODYSSEYLinkVC、Bixin、KOL: Zhu Yuanyuan、AntPool、READ、Cobo、RightBTC、、MDT、GSC、Sesameseed, Lianjinshu, Team Tronics、CryptoDiva、GIFTO、Genesis Capital、FreeSpaceWifi、Bitcoinworld、AlphaCoinFund、cryptoguyinza、Skypeople、Punch Foundation、Node Capital、HyperPay、TRON Europe、

TRON proposal、ChainDD、Top.One、Crypto Chain、DAG

[Candidates not submitting information]


The ranking above is based on the information provided by the official TRON Foundation. It only represents my personal viewpoint for your reference when voting If you have any different opinions, please leave a message.

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