TRON to the future: Blockchain Technology and Ecosystem
- when TRON meets PKU

On November 29th, the “TRON to The Future, Blockchain Technology and Ecosystem” event, organized by the TRON community and co-organized by DOGI, a global blockchain game crowd-selling incubator platform, was held at Peking University, one of the most prestigious schools in China. The event attracted more than 200 students and was warmly received.

The past year has witnessed an explosive growth of the blockchain technology. However, the general public is not as aware of this cutting-edge technology as expected, which is why TRON chose to hold an event at Peking University to raise the public awareness of blockchain.

The TRON community invited opinion leaders in the blockchain industry to share their insights of the development of blockchain and their visions for the future. The following guests attended the event and gave their keynote speech: Cong Li, TRON’s developer community VP; Yongquan Xiao, founder of DOGI, a global blockchain game crowd-selling platform; Binsheng Wang, special-term tutor for finance at the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Quan Li, partner of Evolution Capital; Yufei Ding from Huobi Research Institute; Xiao Wu, the producer of Cell Evolution; and the blockchain research team of Peking University — Junyan Chen, a 2007-class PhD student, as well as Kunpeng Ren, a Master student and lead of blockchain research group at Peking University.

Cong Li, TRON’s developer community VP, introduced the development history and the unique advantages of the TRON ecosystem. He pointed out that TRON mainly solves the problems of speed (throughput), scalability and costs of blockchain. In addition, Cong Li also mentioned Project Altas, TRON’s new project — a project that combines blockchain with BitTorrent’s P2P network to create a decentralized content distribution platform. Cong Li said that the introduction of BT’s regular user group into blockchain will greatly benefit the development of the blockchain industry.

Binsheng Wang, a special-term tutor for finance at the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, elaborated on the investment logic of the blockchain market from the perspective of social change. He pointed out that the premise of an outbreak for blockchain “campaigns” is that as we have entered an “era where information transmission requires almost 0 cost”, “the popularity of blockchain has transformed the traditional information Internet into a value Internet.”

Yongquan Xiao talked about the blockchain technology’s empowerment, in light of DOGI’s entrepreneurial direction for blockchain games, “blockchain has established a set of stable and transparent rules. The rules themselves set up concrete constraints on the number of items in the game, the production mechanism, the growth mechanism of players and the gameplay mechanism. These rules are becoming the rules that players can truly trust and rely on.” As a blockchain game crowd-selling platform, DOGI is constantly practicing and exploring new ways for blockchain games; the platform continues to evolve through the tempering of domestic and foreign game projects.

In the later roundtable forum, a conversation on how to reshape the value and the application of the blockchain industry was held between Felix Li, director of the TRON ecosystem, Quan Li, a partner of Evolution Capital, Ran Wei from 8 Decimal Capital, and Yufei Ding from Huobi Research Institute.

The second half of the event followed a line of “practical application.” Well-known blockchain game developers Xiao Wu used his first work “Cell Evolution” and the first DApp for TRON “Last Trip” as examples to show how to make fun and blockchain-spirited games. Junyan Chen, Ph. D. student at Peking University, talked about side chain technology and pan-blockchain ecosystem. Kunpeng Ren, Master student and blockchain research group organizer at Peking University, shared some insights of public chain DApp development.

In the end, TRON announced that it will invest $100 million in the next three years to accelerate the development of blockchain games. At present, TRON’s DApp Developer Contest has been officially launched on December 1st, which will continue through January 9th. To learn more about the contest, please visit .




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