TRX now available to buy with FIAT currency via CryptoLocally

In our continuous effort to bring excellence and greater value into the TRON ecosystem, we are extremely proud to announce that one of the best Peer-to-Peer (P2P) crypto-fiat exchange, CryptoLocally will list TRON (TRX) as one of its first digital asset supported outside of the EOS ecosystem.

CryptoLocally was formerly known as EOSLocally, the first P2P EOS-Fiat trading platform which has recently pivoted into a multi-chain P2P trading platform. It is a non-custodial service where users have absolute control over their digital assets. The platform never holds users’ funds as all transactions are conducted on-chain via smart contracts leveraging blockchain technology and protected by an escrow service until the end of each transaction.

In addition, CryptoLocally does not require KYC verification, enabling new users to start trading within minutes after registration and take advantage of the various crypto and fiat payment methods available, even providing the option to settle transactions offline (cash transactions).

Now TRON users will be able to buy and sell their TRX safely and privately using any local currency they want to use with the widest selection of fiat payment options not found in any other trading platforms. These include but are not limited to bank transfers, local currencies, cash deposits, international wires, Venmo, WechatPay, Toss, Kakao pay, Cash App, SEPA Transfers, TransferWise, Mercado Pago and Paypal and more…

This is a great addition on top of the many available cryptocurrencies that are supported by CryptoLocally. The vast number of fiat and crypto payment methods, including those ignored by the traditional banking industry, offers TRON users the cheapest and fastest way to get in and out of crypto conveniently, easily and safely.

New TRON users will not have to go through the long and slow process of buying Bitcoin and Ethereum before finally getting their TRX. Users will be able to buy directly, peer-to-peer, without having to deal with high transaction fees and delays associated with these older generation blockchains.

Buying and selling TRX on CryptoLocally is very simple, requiring no prior experience in trading. Users will just have to follow these three simple steps:

  1. Open trades

Choose TRX as your preferred cryptocurrency to buy or sell and create an offer or choose an existing one to start trading. After the buyer and seller agree on terms, the seller can transfer TRX to the secure escrow.

2. Peer-to-Peer Settlement

Send or receive the agreed amount of the local currency or crypto and confirm the payment. Users have the option of frictionless trade cancellations and escrow refunds.

3. Release funds

Once the funds have been received, the seller can safely release the escrow. The TRX amount will instantly be transferred to the buyer’s wallet.

Go ahead and try out this fast, secure, and easy-to-use P2P Crypto-fiat trading platform. Sign up and create your first offer today, visit and you will be trading in less than a minute.

For more information about CryptoLocally, check out their social media accounts:






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